Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Plant Protection products and their Residues to evaluate the suitability of existing methodologies and, if appropriate, the identification of new approaches to assess cumulative and synergistic risks from pesticides to human health with a view to set MRLs for those pesticides in the frame of Regulation (EC) 396/2005

cumulative risk assessment, dietary exposure, MRL, residue monitoring, tiered approach, cumulative assessment group, common mode of action.
First published in the EFSA Journal
30 May 2008
15 April 2008
Scientific Opinion


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Panel members at the time of adoption

Damia Barcelo Culleres, Jos Boesten, Claudia Bolognesi, Alan Boobis, Arne Büchert, Ettore Capri, David Coggon, Anthony Hardy, Andy Hart, Herbert Köpp, Matthias Liess, Robert Luttik, Otto Meyer, Stella Michaelidou-Canna, Mark Montforts, Angelo Moretto, Markus Müller, Bernadette Ossendorp, Walter Steurbaut, Maria Tasheva, Christiane Vleminckx.
Panel on Plant Protection Products and their Residues
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