Setting of import tolerances for flonicamid in various crops and products of animal origin

flonicamid, various crops and products of animal origin, import tolerance, pesticide, MRL, consumer risk assessment
First published in the EFSA Journal
23 June 2020
30 April 2020
Reasoned Opinion


In accordance with Article 6 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005, the applicant ISK Biosciences Europe N.V. submitted a request to the competent national authority in Finland to set an import tolerance for the active substance flonicamid in various crops and products of animal origin on the basis of the authorised use of flonicamid in the USA. The data submitted in support of the request were found to be sufficient to derive maximum residue level (MRL) proposals for all crops under assessment. Based on the results of the feeding studies and the updated animal burden calculations, no need for new MRL proposals on products of animal origin was identified. Adequate analytical methods for enforcement are available to control the residues of flonicamid in plant and animal matrices. EFSA updated the most recent consumer risk assessment for flonicamid and concluded that the authorised USA uses of flonicamid will not result in acute or chronic consumer exposure exceeding the toxicological reference values and, therefore, is unlikely to pose a risk to consumers’ health.

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EFSA Journal 2020;18(6):6136
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