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Reasoned opinion on the setting of a new MRL for 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene in potatoes



In accordance with Article 6 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005, the Netherlands, hereafter referred to as the evaluating Member State (EMS), received an application from Dormfresh Ltd. to include the active substance 1,4-dimethylnaphthalene (1,4-DMN) in Annex IV of the Regulation (EC) No 396/2005. Considering the EFSA conclusion where the inclusion in annex IV was not recommended, the applicant submitted a revised application, in order to rise the MRL for 1,4-DMN in potatoes from the default value of 0.01* mg/kg to 15 mg/kg. The Netherlands drafted a revised evaluation report in accordance with Article 8 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005, which was submitted to the European Commission and forwarded to EFSA. According to EFSA, the data are sufficient to derive a MRL proposal of 15 mg/kg for the post harvest use of 1,4-DMN on potato. For the other plant commodities, it is noted that a default MRL value of 0.01* mg/kg is probably not appropriate to cover the natural background levels of 1,4-DMN in plants. Adequate analytical enforcement methods are available to control residues of 1,4-DMN in potato tubers. In contrast a validated analytical method to enforce 1,4-DMN residues in animal matrices is required. The consumer risk assessment could not be finalised as sufficient information was not provided to derive MRLs for products of animal origin. However, based on the available data, chronic intake concerns are not expected for consumers.

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