Public consultations planner

The list below includes details of all the public consultations EFSA expects to hold over the coming months. The information provided is subject to change in line with EFSA’s scientific calendar. The planner includes consultations on draft assessment reports (DARs) and renewal assessment reports (RARs) prepared by Member States under EU legislation covering active substances in pesticides. In the case of active substances, the start of the commenting period might be postponed because Member States have not submitted the assessment reports yet or EFSA has received several DARs and RARs at the same time. Consultations are confirmed only when announced on the EFSA website.

Public consultations on pesticides peer reviews have temporarily been moved here due to a technical issue.

Unit Area Mandate Number Question Number Title Est. Launch Date
PRAS EFSA Guidance documents M-2009-0002 EFSA-Q-2011-00988 Public consultation on the draft Guidance of EFSA on risk assessment for amphibians and reptiles 01 June 2018
SCER RA methodology M-2016-0095 EFSA-Q-2016-00540 Public consultation of the draft guidance document on harmonisation of human and ecological risk assessment of combined exposure to multiple chemicals 01 July 2018
PRAS Pesticides EFSA Guidance Documents M-2016-0124 EFSA-Q-2017-00072 Public consultation on the draft EFSA scientific report on the "FOCUS surface water repair action" 01 January 2019
PRAS Pesticides EFSA Guidance Documents M-2016-0124 EFSA-Q-2017-00114 Public consultation on the EFSA Guidance Document on completing risk assessment for active substances of plant protection products that have isomers and for transformation products of active substances that may have isomers 01 January 2019
SCER RA methodology M-2017-0103 EFSA-Q-2017-00469 Public consultation on the revised SC scientific opinion on the TTC 01 September 2018
FIP Food additives M-2011-0160 EFSA-Q-2018-00312 Public consultation on the questions to health professionals in the fields of nephrology, mineral metabolism, cardiovascular and nutrition medicine on phosphates food additive re-evaluation 28 May 2018
SCER RA methodology M-2017-0047 EFSA-Q-2018-00315 Public consultation on a draft statement on genotoxicity assessment of chemical mixtures 20 June 2018