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Call for scientific data on the prevalence of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in food


EFSA has requested that the Scientific Panel on Biological Hazards (BIOHAZ Panel) elaborates an Opinion on “Food borne antimicrobial resistance as a biological hazard”. In the process of preparing this Opinion, and taking into account the data collected by EFSA under Directive 2003/99/EC and summarised in the annual Community Summary Reports on trends and sources of Zoonoses, zoonotic agents, antimicrobial resistance and foodborne outbreaks in the European Union ( 2006 , 2005 and 2004 ).

it has become evident that there is a scarcity of data relating to this subject, limiting the depth to which this question can be addressed. Hence, at the same time that this Opinion is opened for public consultation , a request for data is also published.

Data information needed

EFSA is seeking scientific data from Third Parties, which could be useful for the preparation of the Opinion. EFSA encourages the submission of peer reviewed data as the most relevant and reliable documents. However, non-peer reviewed data will also be considered if they meet adequate quality standards.

EFSA would appreciate receiving data covering the occurrence (prevalence) of the following antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in foods (not animals):

  1. Fluoroquinolone resistant thermophylic Campylobacter spp.
  2. Fluoroquinolone resistant non-typhoid Salmonella spp.
  3. MRSA

Additional information should include the methodology used, the definition of “resistant” applied, the year and Member State in which the data was gathered and a detailed description of the food(s) investigated.