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Document Redaction

Approximate launch date:
May 2021
  • Ref.: NP/EFSA/LA/2021/01
  • Budget: 70.000 €
  • Approximate launch date: End of May
  • Deadline to register interest: 20/05/2021
  • Background: Regulation (EU) 2019/1381 (the “Transparency Regulation”) substantially amended the legal framework applicable to EFSA’s processes and operations by strengthening the proactive transparency requirements with the aim of increasing the overall accessibility of the EU risk assessment process. In particular, in line with Article 38(1) of the amended General Food Law Regulation, certain information, documents and data will be made publicly available by EFSA in a proactive manner, with the exception of duly justified confidential information. Consequently, applicants who wish to keep certain information confidential must submit a confidentiality request by providing both a non-confidential version and a confidential version of the respective information, document or data. Once  EFSA has assessed the applicant’s confidentiality request and issued a confidentiality decision, the confidentiality decision has to be implemented by revising the non-confidential version of the information, document or data submitted by the applicant using appropriate redaction tools to ensure the permanent and irreversible redaction of all information, documents or data to which confidential status has been granted. This redaction has to be performed accurately and within pre-set timeframes before the information, document or data is published on EFSA’s website. The information, documents and data which have to be redacted may vary significantly in size, complexity and format. The redaction work is performed primarily in-house by EFSA. However, with this call, EFSA is looking for external support to address possible fluctuations in workload which may occur in particular during the second half of the year.  
  • Objectives: The objectives of the framework contract resulting from this procurement procedure are as follows:
    1. establish ad hoc support with the redaction of confidential information, documents and data;
    2. guarantee the delivery of accurately redacted information, documents or data within the pre-set timelines;
    3. make sure that the redacted information, documents or data correctly reflect the terms of EFSA’s confidentiality decision; 
    4. ensure the use of commonly available commercial redaction tools such as PDF Nuance or Adobe Reader to accurately, permanently and irreversibly redact, mask or blacken the relevant and clearly identified parts of the information, documents or data;
    5. safeguard accuracy and completeness of the redaction by means of internal quality controls;
    6. warrant the strictest confidentiality of all documents provided to the service provider and guarantee professional secrecy. 

If you are interested in this procedure please send an email within the deadline to efsaprocurement [at] quoting the reference of the procedure and specifying the following:

  • your name/organisation’s name and address;
  • whether you participate as a physical person or an organisation/private company.