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Call for input data for the Exposure Assessment of Food Enzymes - 13th Call

13th Call: Input data for the Exposure Assessment of Food Enzymes

Food process 

  • Manufacture of Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredients

This call considers the production of Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredients (EMDI). EMDI are flavoured ingredients derived by enzymatic processes from dairy ingredients such as cheese, butter, cream. The selection of food groups that contain EMDI as an ingredient could not be clearly identified in the EFSA Raw Primary Commodity (RPC) model [1]. Therefore, the selection of these food categories was aided by information from literatures and in the Mintel’s Global New Products Database ( The key word “flavour”, “natural flavour” and their variants were used in the search.

Instruction for completing the attached MS Excel ® file

Sheet 1 contains a legend for the information given in Sheet 2.

EFSA is seeking your feedback on the information listed in the Excel file concerning the FoodEx categories (column B), and the associated technical factors for Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredients Production (columns D; F-G).
1. For FoodEx categories (column B), should any food group be excluded? Or are there any food groups missing from the list?
In column I, please indicate ‘Remove’ for food groups to be excluded, and list any additionally proposed food groups with the corresponding FoodEx category at the end of this column.

2. Your attention is drawn also to one additional questions at the bottom of sheet 2

The FoodEx categories are available in the FoodEx list (Sheet 3).
3. In columns D; F-G, the average technical conversion factors (f1) and the average recipe fractions (f2) and the percentage of FoodEx category containing Enzyme Modified Dairy products (f3) mainly derived from the EFSA RPC Model and open information sources are listed.

Average recipe factors (f2) were calculated as the following:

Enzyme modified dairy ingredient directly added to the final food
f2 = 0.05 if the EMDI is directly added to cheese
f2 = 0.03 if the EMDI is directly added to sauces, low fat creams and similar products
f2 = 0.01 if the EMDI is directly added to all the other types of foods

Enzyme modified dairy ingredient added to an ingredient of the final food:
Specific f2 factors were calculated for each final food in which EMDI is added to an ingredient of the final recipe: the factors previously presented were multipied by the percentage of the ingredient in the recipe.

Food product: Pizza and pizza-like pies
Average amount of EMDI directly added to cheese: 0.05
Average amount of cheese in pizza: 0.22
f2 factor: 0.05 × 0.22= 0.011

Column E presents a description of the specific food ingredient to whom the EMDI is added.

If you do not agree with any of the listed technical factors, keeping in mind that there can be some variation between foods in each category, please propose an alternative average factor for the respective FoodEx category in columns J-L.

For transparency purposes, please provide a short text using columns M-P to justify any feedback given. Any references should be provided in the last column.

Submission of data
Data should be submitted directly to EFSA using the dedicated e-mail address for this service: fip [at] This mailbox is also the contact point for any technical support/advice you need for the reporting of this data.

[1] EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), Dujardin B and Kirwan L,2019.Technical report on the raw primary commodity (RPC) model: strengthening EFSA’s capacity to assess dietary exposure at different levels of the food chain, from raw primary commodities to foods as consumed. EFSA supporting publication 2019:EN-1532. 30pp. doi:10.2903/sp.efsa.2019.EN-1532