GP/EFSA/NUTRI/2017/01 – Tasking Grants - Entrusting preparatory work for the safety assessment on Novel Foods and Traditional Foods from third countries - Extended deadline: 17/11/2017

17 November 2017

Call for proposals and guide for applicants (Updated: 13 October 2017)

Corrigendum N°1

Corrigendum N°2

Annex 1: Rules on eligibility of costs (Updated: 7 September 2017)

Annex 2: Draft Framework partnership agreement and specific grant agreement

Annex 3: Estimated budget template (only for specific agreement)

Annex 4: Application form

Annex 5: Legal entity form (download template here)

Annex 6: Financial identification form (download template here)

Annex 7: Declaration on honour for exclusion criteria

Annex 8: Simplified financial statement 

Annex 9: Time sheet template

Annex 10: Confidentiality declaration


Clarification N°1

14 July 2017