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Pesticide Monitoring Program: Re‐allocation of number of samples considering population changes

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In order to re‐allocate the number of samples assigned to eachMember Statein the EU coordinated multiannual control programof pesticide residues, information regarding consumption provided to EFSA in the dietary surveys as well as the latest population information available in EUROSTAT,were considered. The populations to be used in each country for the re‐allocationwas linked to the dietary survey per age category and year in which the survey was conducted (built‐in population). Aproportional allocation methodwas used to redistribute the 683 samples calculated by EFSA in 2015 for each reporting country considering the built‐in population and the latest available population. The table containing the number of samples for each country is provided for both options. Results are comparable considering the two procedures to build the population of residents in the EU, being in total 684 samples allocated to the EU Member States.