Chemical monitoring reporting guidance: 2020 data collection | Europäische Behörde für Lebensmittelsicherheit Direkt zum Inhalt

Chemical monitoring reporting guidance: 2020 data collection



This document should be used for the reporting of samples analysed in 2019 and other years. It provides guidance on how to use the Standard Sample Description (SSD2) data model for submission to the EU ofanalytical results of food and feed samples taken during control activities carried out to monitor residues of pesticide and veterinary medicinal products, contaminantsand additives (food only).This document does not replace – but complements and updates some aspects of– the general EFSA Guidance on Standard Sample Description (SSD2) and Guidance on Data Exchange (GDE2). It is meant to provide guidance on the specific technical and legislative requirements as well as clarity on data quality validation and the mechanisms and timing of the systems in place to transmit, validate and analyse chemical monitoring (ChemMon) data at national and EU levels.

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