Analysis of JECFA's draft guideline on “Evaluation of enzyme preparations used in the manufacture of foods”

First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
6. Februar 2020
Technical Report


EFSA was requested by the European Commission to review and comment on the JECFA proposal to update its guideline on the evaluation of enzyme preparations used in the manufacture of foods. A comparison was made between the JECFA proposal and relevant EFSA guidance documents. Similarities were found in the approaches taken by JECFA and EFSA to the safety evaluation of food enzymes. However, the proposal for changes made by JECFA will result in significant differences. These differences are addressed in the technical report. In the view of EFSA, the proposals made by JECFA for changes to their guideline are likely to exacerbate the differences in approach taken by EFSA and JECFA.

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