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EFSA Catalogue Browser User Guide



The Catalogue browser is a Java® based application developed with the ECLIPSE® environment, which allows the browsing, analysis and maintenance of EFSA catalogues. It is directly connected with the Data Collection Framework, a platform through which data are submitted to EFSA. It consists of a number of catalogues, in which individual entries are aggregated within a hierarchical parent‐child structure. A collection of descriptive facets are also available in the Catalogue browser. The facets are additional information that can be added to the initial selected record. One of the catalogues hosted by the EFSA Catalogue browser is the MTX (FoodEx2 Matrix) catalogue. This is EFSA food classification and description system. This guidance is a supporting document for the installation of EFSA Catalogue browser software. It aims to assist its users to install and run it properly. The installation process is dependent on both the operating system and the Catalogue browser version being installed.

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