Manual for reporting on zoonoses and zoonotic agents, within the framework of Directive 2003/99/EC, and on some other pathogenic microbiological agents for information derived from the year 2017

animal population, food, feed, zoonoses, trend watching, trend analysis, reporting
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
31. Januar 2018
25. Januar 2018
Last Updated
20. Februar 2018. This version replaces the previous one/s.
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This reporting manual provides guidance to Member States (MSs) for reporting on zoonoses and zoonotic agents in animals, food and feed under the framework of Directive 2003/99/EC and also on the reporting of other pathogenic microbiological agents in food. The objective of this manual is to harmonise and streamline reporting by MSs to ensure that the data collected are relevant and comparable for analysis at the European Union (EU) level. This manual covers all the zoonoses and zoonotic agents included under the current data collection system run by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Detailed instructions are provided on the reporting of data in tables and text in text forms. The instructions given relate to the description of the sampling and monitoring schemes applied by the MSs, as well as the monitoring results. Special reference is made to data elements which allow the following of trends and the analysis of sources at the EU level. This manual is specifically aimed at guiding the reporting of information deriving from the year 2017.

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