Third report on the update and maintenance of EFSA's Chemical Hazards Database

EFSA's chemical hazards database, data model, critical study, hazard assessment, safety assessment.
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13. Juni 2018
14. Juni 2017
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The present document is a summary of the update and maintenance of the EFSA's Chemical Hazards Database that has been established few years ago to map the hazard data as collected from the EFSA opinions, statements and conclusions; more specifically the repository holds summary data on chemical identification, document descriptors, hazard identification, and hazard characterisation/ risk characterisation. The repository includes data extracted from opinions and statements adopted by a number of EFSA panels including NDA (vitamins and minerals, novel foods, dietetic products), CONTAM (contaminants in the food chain, contaminants in the feed chain), FEEDAP (feed additives‐application linked to 1381/2003, feed additives‐application under to 1381/2003, feed additives‐other), AFC (food additives, food contact materials, nutrient sources, processing aids, flavourings), CEF (food contact materials, food manufacturing processes, processing aids, flavourings), ANS (food additives, nutrient sources) and PPR (pesticides). Substances which do not fall within the category of chemicals (e.g., microorganisms and enzymes) are excluded from the EFSA's Chemical Hazards Database.

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