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Maximum levels of deoxynivalenol in certain cereal products

certain semi-processed cereal products from 750 µg/kg to 1000 µg/kg. For this statement, EFSA relied on ... 15-Ac-DON. The exposure from the acetyl-derivatives has not been covered in this statement, since the ... European Commission Type:  Statement ...

17 Dezember 2013

Statement on maize 59122 for cultivation

statement on the environmental safety of maize 59122 in its 2013 Scientific Opinion. A gap in the ... On request from:  EFSA Type:  Statement ...

21 November 2013

Statement on the identity of apple snails

a statement to clarify the current scientific knowledge regarding the identity of the apple snails in the ... request from:  European Commission Type:  Statement ...

04 April 2012