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Technical meeting with stakeholders on applications for food enzymes

Background Food enzymes can be added to the EC list of authorised food enzymes only after their safety has been assessed by EFSA. The procedures for evaluation and authorisation of food enzymes are laid down in Regulation (EC) No 1332/2008. EFSA’s Food In ...

19 Juni 2019 to 20 Juni 2019
Brussels, Belgium

Call for input data for the Exposure Assessment of Food Enzymes- 3rd Call

Deadline:  1 May 2019 3rd Call: Input data for the Exposure Assessment of Food Enzymes Food processes Protein components in infant formulae and follow-on formulae Instruction for completing the attached MS Excel ® file Sheet 1 (“Legend”) contains the term ...

01 Februar 2019

Aktuelles zu BPA: Arbeitsgruppe beginnt mit Auswertung neuer Studien

Eine neue EFSA-Arbeitsgruppe von wissenschaftlichen Sachverständigen beginnt diesen Monat mit der Auswertung jüngster toxikologischer Daten zum Lebensmittelkontaktmaterial Bisphenol A (BPA). Anschließend wird das EFSA-Gremium für Lebensmittelkontaktmateri ...

04 September 2018