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Inability to assess the safety of a silver hydrosol added for nutritional purposes as a source of silver in food supplements and the bioavailability of silver from this source based on the supporting dossier [1]- Scientific Statement of the Panel on Food

No abstract available Keywords:  Food supplements, silver hydrosol, silver, CAS 7440-22-4, EINECS 231-131-3 doi:  10.2903/j.efsa.2008.884 Question Number:  EFSA-Q-2005-169 Panels:  Panel on Food Additives and Flavourings Panel members at the time of adopt ...

Safety and efficacy of Natugrain® TS (endo-1,4-ß-xylanase and endo-1,4-ß-glucanase) as a feed additive for piglets (weaned), chickens for fattening, laying hens, turkeys for fattening and ducks- Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Additives and Products

No abstract available Keywords:  zootechnical additive, digestibility enhancer, endo-1,4-ß-xylanase, endo-1,4-ß-glucanase, genetically modified micro-organisms, Aspergillus niger, chickens for fattening, turkeys for fattening, ducks for fattening, laying ...