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Die EFSA veröffentlicht all ihre wissenschaftlichen Ergebnisse, einschließlich der wissenschaftlichen Gutachten, im EFSA Journal. Daneben gibt sie eine Reihe begleitender Veröffentlichungen. Siehe auch Definitionen der wissenschaftlichen und begleitenden Veröffentlichungen der EFSA.

Ergebnisse 11 - 20 von 1231

Assessment of the application for renewal of authorisation of endo‐1,4‐β‐xylanase produced by Aspergillus nigerCBS 109.713 and endo‐1,4‐β‐glucanase produced by Aspergillus nigerDSM 18404 for poultry species, ornamental birds and weaned piglets, from...

Natugrain ® TS/TS L is the trade name of the feed additive under assessment and contains endo‐1,4‐β‐xylanase and endo‐1,4‐β‐glucanase produced by genetically modified strains of Aspergillus niger. The product is currently authorised for use as a feed addi ...

A Web‐based open source tool for Toxicokinetic and Toxicodynamic modelling

This report presents the implementation of a web tool for the extension of exposure‐and toxicokinetic‐toxicodynamic analysis that has been developed under aspecific EFSA request to Open Analytics under the framework agreement (OC/EFSA/AMU/2015/02).An open ...

External Scientific Report
13 November 2020