29. Sitzung des Verwaltungsrates

23. Januar 2007

Some of the highlights of the scientific work plan for 2007 include the following:

  • Recommendations for temporary Maximum Residue Levels for pesticides
  • Scientific advice on nutrition and health claims including nutrient profiles
  • Guidelines for substances used in active and intelligent food contact materials
  • A risk assessment of animal feed contaminated with veterinary pharmaceuticals
  • Guidance on GM animals used as food and feed such as GM fish

To take forward one of EFSA’s six agreed strategic objectives (develop active networking and stronger cooperation with Member States), several working groups linking up EFSA and the Member States are due to be set up on a number of priority projects, including defining common risk assessment methodology in the field of nanotechnology, data collection and analysis on microbiological and chemical contamination.

Draft Agenda

  1. Welcome to members and observers
  2. Documents for adoption
  3. Management Matters
  4. Financial matters
  5. Any other business
    • The 26 March 2007 Away Day