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Safety assessment of the process Loop Polymers, used to recycle polyethylene and polypropylene printed offcuts and scrap for use as food contact materials

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Panel members at the time of adoption

José Manuel Barat Baviera, Claudia Bolognesi, Andrew Chesson, Pier Sandro Cocconcelli, Riccardo Crebelli, David Michael Gott, Konrad Grob, Claude Lambré, Evgenia Lampi, Marcel Mengelers, Alicja Mortensen, Gilles Rivière, Vittorio Silano (until 21 December 2020†), Inger‐Lise Steffensen, Christina Tlustos, Henk Van Loveren, Laurence Vernis and Holger Zorn.


The EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes and Processing Aids (CEP) assessed the safety of the recycling process Loop Polymers (EU register number RECYC252). The input consists of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) offcuts and scrap from the production of food contact packaging that has not been in contact with food, but carry coatings, ink systems and adhesives. Decontaminated material is intended to be used to produce new articles for their original application. The Panel considered critical the management system put in place to provide full traceability from input to the final product, the material review before processing, as well as the removal of coatings, ink systems and adhesives during recycling. The CEP Panel considered that the applicant did not demonstrate that coatings, ink systems and adhesives were adequately removed during the process. Consequently, it concluded that the applicant has not demonstrated that the recycling process is able to reduce the contamination of the PE or PP recyclate to a concentration that does not pose a risk to human health.