Stakeholder consultative groups

EFSA’s Stakeholder Consultative Platform may set up specialist discussion groups on certain issues to promote technical and scientific engagement.

Currently, the following groups are active:

Group on Emerging Risks

Stakeholders are an important source of signals of potential emerging risks and also of data concerning potential identified risks. The Group brings together representatives of consumers, food producers and food processors. Its members are nominated by the EFSA Stakeholder Platform and selected by EFSA. It was established in 2010 and renewed in 2012 and 2014. The current mandate is due to end 2015.

Group on Food Chemical Occurrence Data

EFSA is required to work in close cooperation with all organisations operating in the field of data collection. The Platform set up the group on Food Chemical Occurrence Data to discuss and exchange information on the practical aspects and challenges regarding provision of occurrence data and usage data from stakeholders. The group’s focus is mainly on food additives and chemical contaminants present in food and feed.

Pilot focus group on a Guidance Document on Allergenicity in the area of regulated products

As part of our moves to become a more “Open EFSA”, we are exploring ways to enhance the participation of stakeholders in the development of guidance documents.

EFSA set up a pilot focus group of Member State and stakeholders representatives to contribute to developing new guidance on allergenicity. The guidance, under development by the GMO Panel, has relevance for the allergenicity risk assessment of proteins in general. 

Through the pilot focus group EFSA aims to benefit from stakeholder technical and scientific expertise at different stages in the development of the guidance document. Following its conclusion EFSA will evaluate the contribution of stakeholders to the scientific process and whether this cooperation enhances the quality, clarity and usability of the guidance document. We will draw lessons for further possible future engagement with stakeholders.

The pilot focus group is a consultative body. The members are not expected to contribute to the drafting of the guidance document which remains a responsibility of the GMO Panel and its dedicated Working Group. The group will follow the work of the GMO Panel until the guidance document is final.

Group on E-Submission

This group consists of stakeholders, Member States and European Commission representatives who are directly affected by a project aimed at implementing the future electronic submission and processing of applications for regulated products at EFSA. EFSA aims to benefit from stakeholders’ technical know-how and expertise at different stages in the development of the project, specifically collecting input, requirements and feedback, and running pilots and tests with stakeholders. EFSA will evaluate the contribution of stakeholders to the process to draw lessons for future engagement. N.B. This is a consultative body only. The members are not responsible for the final requirements and design of the E-Submission platform.