Explanatory note on DNA sequence similarity searches in the context of the assessment of horizontal gene transfer from plants to microorganisms

horizontal gene transfer, GMO Panel guidance, food, feed, environment, risk assessment, genetically modified plant
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
21 dicembre 2015
17 dicembre 2015
Technical Report


Guidance of the EFSA Panel on Genetically Modified Organisms assists applicants in the preparation and presentation of their applications by describing elements and data requirements for the risk assessment and monitoring of genetically modified (GM) plants. This note to the guidance provides a scientific rationale for the use of bioinformatic analyses to identify GM plant sequences with sufficient identity to promote homologous recombination and impact on horizontal gene transfer from plants to microorganisms. The evaluation of the extent of identity between GM event DNA sequences and the DNA as present in microbial genomes with bioinformatic analyses is considered necessary to perform a proper problem formulation, including hazard identification, in the risk assessment of the potential for horizontal gene transfer. Further details on how to perform such analyses are outlined and include a complete description of all sequences present in the insert, and recommendations on the algorithms, parameters and databases to be used as well as on a relevant length of sequence identity between the GM plant sequences and those present in microbial genomes.

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