Annual Report of the EFSA Journal

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12 aprile 2012
10 aprile 2012
Technical Report

With more than 7500 citations of EFSA scientific outputs in bibliographic databases relevant to EFSA’s remit, indexation significantly increased since the re-launch of the EFSA Journal in December 2009. By the end of 2011 the EFSA Journal was included in the following bibliographic databases and repositories: (a) Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA), (b) CABI, (c) SciFinder, (d) ISI Web of Science, (e) International Portal on Food Safety, (f) Animal and Plant Health (IPFSAPH), (g) DTU Libraries, (h) Google Scholar and (i) EBSCO. To meet the requirements of the databases, several features of the EFSA Journal were further developed and improved, e.g. the XML-dataset was expanded, and the IT project to ensure readers are timely informed about an erratum in previously published articles was initiated. Further bibliographic databases have been contacted to investigate application criteria for indexing the EFSA Journal. Two editorials (one in the area of pesticides, one on BSE) were published and attracted increasing attention of the readers. The EFSA Journal continued to be promoted at scientific conferences and national and international meetings as well as in articles on EFSA matters. Looking ahead, EFSA will continue to apply to and negotiate with relevant bibliographic databases and library catalogues to index the EFSA Journal in order to increase EFSA’s scientific visibility. A newly created section for “Special Issues” will allow the publication of special issues whenever deemed appropriate. The first special issue will be about EFSA’s scientific achievements since its inception in 2002 and is intended to be published in 2012 in the context of EFSA’s 10th anniversary.

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