Data sources on animal diseases: Country Card of Greece

animal diseases, animal populations,Country Cards, data mapping, Greece, SIGMA
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
16 gennaio 2019
21 dicembre 2018
Technical Report


Mapping ‘data sources’ on animal diseases in each European Union (EU) Member State is one of the activities of EFSA's SIGMA1,2 project. The aim of this activity is to identify the central competent authorities responsible for managing the data on animal diseases and animal populations in each Member State. Initially EFSA is focusing on three diseases (on which EFSA is currently working): African swine fever, avian influenza and lumpy skin disease; and on the corresponding affected animal populations: swine, poultry and bovines, respectively. This technical report presents the results of the implementation of the above activity for Greece and provides information on the authorities that constitute the data sources on animal diseases within the country. It also includes the ‘Country Card’, which depicts the central competent authorities responsible for the data on animal diseases (data on outbreaks, surveillance activities and laboratory results) and on animal populations (bovines, swine, poultry) in Greece. It has been generated based on the replies submitted by Greece via the EUSurvey questionnaire and on the clarifications provided subsequently. The Ministry of Rural Development and Food is the central source of data related to animal diseases and to animal populations in Greece. Within the Ministry, different Directorates and Departments are involved with different types of data.

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