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Risultati 21 - 30 su 2075

Consultazione pubblica: paraffine clorurate in alimenti e mangimi

L'EFSA chiede alle parti interessate di fornire commenti su un proprio parere scientifico vertente sui rischi per la salute umana e animale connessi alla presenza di paraffine clorurate in alimenti e mangimi. Le paraffine clorurate vengono prodotte s ...

06 agosto 2019

Hazards for poultry slaughter

The AHAW Network includes nationally appointed EU Member State organisations representatives with expertise in the fields of animal health and animal welfare. At the AHAW Network meeting held in July 2019, two exercises were held aimed at i) the identific ...

30 luglio 2019
Event report

Harmonisation Of Transmissible disease Interpretation in the EU (HOTLINE)

Countries typically collect disease data in a way that is best suited for their specific needs. Therefore, differences exist in the sampling schemes and the diagnostic methods, which produce non‐comparable data and, subsequently, non‐comparable estimates ...

18 luglio 2019
External Scientific Report

Analysis of the European baseline survey of norovirus in oysters

The European Commission requested scientific technical assistance for the analysis of a European Union coordinated monitoring programme on the prevalence of norovirus in raw oysters. A total of 2,180 valid samples were taken from production areas and 2,12 ...

15 luglio 2019
Scientific Report of EFSA

99th Plenary meeting of the CONTAM Panel

Members of the relevant scientific panel meet to discuss and adopt scientific outputs. Draft Agenda (186.46 KB) Minutes (201.44 KB) Plenaries Scientific panels false ...

09 luglio 2019 to 11 luglio 2019
Parma, Italy