Scientific Outputs at a glance

L’EFSA pubblica tutta la sua produzione scientifica, compresi i pareri scientifici, nell’EFSA Journal. Divulga inoltre una serie di pubblicazioni di supporto. Vedi anche: Definizione atti scientifici e pubblicazioni di supporto.

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    Scientific support for preparing EU position for the 2015 CCPR

    In accordance with Article 43 of Regulation (EC) 396/2005, EFSA received a request from the European Commission to provide support for the preparation of the EU position for 47th session of the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues (CCPR). In 2014 JMPR ev ...

    Scientific Report of EFSA
    31 luglio 2015

    Drivers for occasional spillover event of Ebola virus

    In order to identify the drivers for spillover of Ebola virus from animal to humans, a set of drivers for spillover of infectious diseases was identified from the literature. A subset of scientific studies was used to structure a corpus of relevant argume ...

    Principles and process for dealing with data and evidence

    In the context of further developing the excellence of its scientific assessments, enhancing their transparency and openness and in line with the trend in the scientific community, EFSA started the PROMETHEUS project (Promoting Methods for evidence use in ...

    The 2013 European Union report on pesticide residues

    The results of the control activities related to pesticide residues in food carried out in 2013 in the EU Member States, Norway and Iceland (hereafter referred to as reporting countries) are summarised in this report. In total, 80 967 samples of a wide va ...

    Scientific Report of EFSA
    12 marzo 2015