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L’EFSA pubblica tutta la sua produzione scientifica, compresi i pareri scientifici, nell’EFSA Journal. Divulga inoltre una serie di pubblicazioni di supporto. Vedi anche: Definizione atti scientifici e pubblicazioni di supporto.

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Training courses on “Steering an Expert Knowledge Elicitation” and “Use of the Expert Knowledge Elicitation Guidance in Risk Assessments for EFSA Management” and “Conduct of the Sheffield protocol for an Expert Knowledge Elicitation”

This report presents the results from an exploratory study in 2016 on clear communication of scientific assessment results. It had a specific focus on the communication of scientific uncertainties in EFSA scientific opinions. Qualitative methods were appl ...

External Scientific Report
29 ottobre 2018

Pest categorisation of Aleurocanthus spp.

The Panel on Plant Health performed a pest categorisation of Aleurocanthus spp., a well‐defined insect genus of the whitefly family Aleyrodidae (Arthropoda: Hemiptera). Difficulties within the taxonomy of the genus give doubt about the ability to accurate ...

Pest categorisation of Sternochetus mangiferae

The European Commission requested EFSA to conduct a pest categorisation of Sternochetus mangiferae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), a monophagous pest weevil whose larvae exclusively feed on mango seeds, whereas adults feed on mango foliage. S. mangiferae is ...

Safety of zinc chelate of methionine sulfate for the target species

Zinc chelate of methionine sulfate is intended to be used as a nutritional additive (functional group: compounds of trace elements). The additive is zinc chelated with methionine in a molar ratio 1:1. It is intended to supply zinc as a nutritional additiv ...

Scientific Opinion
24 ottobre 2018