EFSA Scientific Colloquium N°3: European Food Consumption Database - Current and medium to long-term strategies

28 aprile 2005




EFSA Scientific Colloquium N°3 was held on 28-29 April 2005 in Brussels. This colloquium debated strategies that could lead to the establishment of a European food consumption data base to overcome current gaps existing in the EU.
The Exposure Working Group of the Scientific Committee is developing a concise database on food consumption to be utilised for screening purposes and covering a limited number of food categories.
This EFSA database is seen as key and as a possible first step towards establishing a pan- European database on food consumption at European and international level. It is considered that the use of a common food consumption database would improve the consistency and the reliability of exposure estimates.
Taking a longer term view, and working together with Member State national authorities as well as EU and international bodies, a more comprehensive database needs to be developed under the leadership of EFSA. Such a database would have the capacity to deal with the diverse needs of the various topical areas covered by the EFSA Panels.
Draft programme (52.56 KB)