75th Management Board meeting: Board adopts multi-annual work programme and 2018 budget, is updated on progress on Open Data and IT roadmap

12 dicembre 2017

Audiocast and documents

At its last meeting of 2017, EFSA’s Management Board focussed on the Authority’s work programme for 2018 and beyond. The Board adopted the multi-annual planning documents for the period 2018-2021 and the 2018 budget.

The Board was also provided with an update on ongoing Open Data projects and on progress with the implementation of EFSA’s IT roadmap.

Multi-annual work programme

The Board adopted EFSA’s multi-annual work programme for 2018-2020, as well as the draft plan until 2021, which will guide EFSA in implementing its strategic objectives in the coming years. Discussions centred on the increase in workload EFSA faces in the coming years in relation to its core activities against a backdrop of reduced resource availability.

Chair of the Management Board, Jaana Husu-Kallio, commented: “EFSA has set out an ambitious work programme for the future despite the very evident financial constraints it has to operate with.

“The resource situation for EFSA deserves serious attention and concrete measures by Member States and the EU institutions that set the Authority’s budget to enable it to continue to provide high-quality scientific advice while meeting the expectations of its stakeholders.”

In 2018, EFSA will advance its work in a number of key are such as surveillance advice for detecting plant pest and animal disease outbreaks to support EU policy making in these areas. The centralisation of novel food assessments from 2018 onwards will also contribute to a significant increase in applications sent to EFSA for review.  

Open Data: progress reviewed

The Board reviewed progress made on a number of EFSA initiatives designed to widen the evidence base it relies on and to maximise access to its data. Achievements include the development of the Knowledge Junction, a curated online community for exchanging evidence used in food and feed safety risk assessments, and the Scientific Data Warehouse, a tool for visualising data assessed by EFSA in areas such as antimicrobial resistance and pesticide residues.

“The Board extended its congratulations to EFSA for its activities on Open Data. Any effort to increase reusability of and transparency in data is very welcome as it fosters public trust and reduces spending of taxpayer’s money”, said Jaana Husu-Kallio.

IT roadmap

EFSA presented an update on the implementation of the IT technology roadmap, highlighting progress achieved during 2017 in relation to key business indicators such as service quality and project satisfaction. The Board commended EFSA’s approach to delivering the IT roadmap in close partnership with science units and end users.

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Audiocast and documents

  1. Welcome by the Chair
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. Board members’ ADoIs and ODoIs
  4. Code of Conduct of the Management Board
  5. EFSA performance report
  6. Update from the Scientific Committee
  7. Programming documents 2018-2021
  8. Reputation management
  9. Update on the implementation of the Stakeholder Engagement Approach
  10. Update on Open Data
  11. Update on IT operational strategy
  12. Feedback from the Audit Committee
  13. EFSA internal control framework
  14. Amendments to Art. 36 list
  15. AoB


Minutes of the 75th Management Board meeting