28th meeting of the EFSA Stakeholder Consultative Platform

15 giugno 2015

 On 15 June, the EFSA Stakeholder Consultative Platform will hold its plenary meeting in Milan.

Meeting venue: NH Hotel Milanofiori - Strada 2a, Milan, Italy.

The EFSA Stakeholder Consultative Platform is one the key fora through which EFSA engages with stakeholders active in the area of food and feed. The Platform meets three times per year in plenary meetings and provides a forum for dialogue, exchange of views and information.

Register to attend as an Observer

The twenty-four organisations that currently make up the Platform consist of organisations representing consumers or involved in public health, plant health, animal health and welfare and environmental protection; farmers and primary processors; food industry; trade and catering. In the light of the finite number of the Platform, its meetings are open to the public in accordance with the Platform’s Terms of Reference approved by the EFSA Management Board. Those wishing to attend as observers are invited to send an email to: register_stakeholderplatform [at] efsa.europa.eu by 15th May 2015

Please note that due to limited space, places will be allocated to observers on a first-come first-served basis. EFSA will contact applicants immediately after the closing date to confirm they have a place. Should you need a prompt response to proceed with the booking of your hotel room in Milan, feel free to contact SHPlatformsecretariat [at] efsa.europa.eu.

Further information

SHPlatformsecretariat [at] efsa.europa.eu


Agenda (188.99 KB)