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Risk Assessment Research Assembly (RARA)

EFSA organised the first Risk Assessment Research Assembly (RARA), with a view to stimulating new partnerships in food safety research to safeguard public health, and highlighting the importance of public funding. Bringing together EU and national researc ...

07 febbraio 2018

Giornata europea degli antibiotici 2017

Segnate in agenda il 18 novembre 2017, Giornata europea di sensibilizzazione all’uso prudente degli antibiotici (EAAD). L'EAAD è un'iniziativa di salute pubblica che si celebra ogni anno per sensibilizzare l’opinione sui rischi per la salute con ...

18 novembre 2017

Joint event: From safer food to healthier nutrition

The Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service hosts a conference entitled From Safer Food to Healthier Nutrition where views will be exchanged on nutrition-related diseases, and on strengthening the ability of public institutions to influence the eatin ...

19 ottobre 2012

Joint event: Food safety and risk assessment

This meeting, organised by the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST), will focus on risk assessment, management and communication and discuss the role and main functions of EFSA. Speakers include Steingrímur Sigfússon, Iceland’s Minister for Agri ...