EFSA’s Expert Database - Annual Report of Activities 2012

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24 mai 2013
16 mai 2013
Technical Report


EFSA’s Expert Database (EDB) was established with the main objective to have a database of external scientific experts in place that can be queried in order to support the activities carried out by the Scientific Committee, the Scientific Panels and their working groups. During 2012 a total number of 407 applications was received and by the end of 2012 the EDB held information on 3 312 experts, 94.4 % of which shared their profile with external users of the database (Advisory Forum and Focal Point Network members and the European Commission). During the course of 2012, the EDB continued to be promoted with the support of Focal Points and by EFSA. All EU Member States (MS) and countries of the European Economic Area/ European Free Trade Association (EEA/EFTA countries) as well as 38 other countries are represented in the EDB. Some MS and EEA/EFTA countries continue to have a relatively low representation. All main areas of expertise that fall within EFSA’s remit are present on the EDB. “New technologies” and “Plant health” continued to be the areas of expertise less well represented in the EDB. “Food production and food supply”, together with “Biological hazards” and “Feed” were the areas of expertise with higher growth rates. An increase of the number of available experts in the less represented areas may be achieved by fostering targeted EDB promotion activities. General promotion activities aimed at increasing the total number of experts included in the EDB, as well as targeted promotion activities in certain countries and scientific areas, continue to be the priority activities foreseen for 2013 on the EDB. Further cooperation activities with Focal Points are crucial to achieve the abovementioned proposed objectives.

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