Development of a user-friendly interface version of the QMRA model for Salmonella in pigs developed under grant agreement CFP/EFSA/BIOHAZ/2007/01

Graphical User Interface, Salmonella, Pigs, QMRA, model
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12 décembre 2012
23 novembre 2012
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A user-friendly interface has been developed for the QMRA model for Salmonella in pigs developed under grant agreement CFP/EFSA/BIOHAZ/2007/01. Hereto, a stand-alone executable of the code has been generated in which the farm and slaughtering phase have been incorporated as separate optimized modules. The code has been shielded from the user: no changes to any part of the code are possible. Parameter inputs can be made and several types of output are provided (e.g. storing graphs and data, exporting results to pdf). The current data-file driven mode of the QMRA has been replaced by a graphical front-end. The presentation of the user-interface includes screens for each of the modules (farm, slaughter, consumption, dose-response), where the user may enter their (distribution of) parameter values. Finally simulation settings can be entered, the model ran, and the results are presented in a clear manner. A comprehensive user manual, containing all the steps required to run the model, has been written as a part of this report. The process has been made transparent by including several examples. A not properly functioning program, or encountering of bugs, will be fixed for a period of 30 months after start of the contract.

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