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EFSA annual accounts 2003 

The first year of activity for EFSA was characterised by starting up the operational departments and re enforcing the administration, the constitution od and the work achieved by the scientific panels and committee, a drive to recruit the necessary person ...

14 septembre 2004
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Rapport annuel 2003

En 2003, l'EFSA a pris un brillant départ en s'innposant en tant qu'agence européenne indépendante visant à améliorer la confiance des consommateurs en fournissant des avis, des informations et des communications scientifiques sur toutes le ...

19 mai 2004
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Annual Management Plan 2004

2004 will be a critical year for the growth of the European Food Safety Authority. Having established itself as an independent European Agency during 2003, the Authority will build capacity in all areas of competence so as to deliver its mandate and meet ...

20 janvier 2004
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Annual Management Plan 2003

The European Food Safety Authority will become operational during 2003 with all four components in place: the Management Board, the Executive Director and staff, the Advisory Forum, the Scientific Committee and 8 Panels. The Authority will be building fro ...

17 octobre 2002
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Annual Management Plan 2002

This work programme has been prepared to illustrate the budgetary requests and the personnel needs for the period September to December 2002. Most of the activities relate to the establishment phase of the Authority, although some will carry on and develo ...

18 septembre 2002
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