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    Tracing food items in connection to hepatitis A

    186 hepatitis A virus, foodborne outbreak, outbreak investigations, back-tracing, berries ... hepatitis A virus (HAV) genotype IA infection in persons with a travel history and Italy reported a national ...

    08 septembre 2014
    Scientific Report of EFSA

    Outbreak of hepatitis A virus in Italy

    First published in the EFSA Journal:  29 May 2013 Issued:  28 May 2013 Type:  Technical Report Post 11 Read it on the Wiley Online Library: Article  |  PDF Abstract:  Since 1 January 2013, 15 laboratory-confirmed cases of HAV infection have been reported ...

    29 mai 2013
    Technical report

    Annual Report 2014

    antimicrobial resistant pathogens, providing an emergency response to the Ebola crisis, outbreaks of hepatitis ...

    15 avril 2015
    Corporate Publication
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