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L’EFSA publie toutes ses productions scientifiques, y compris ses avis scientifiques, dans l’EFSA Journal. L’Autorité édite également un éventail de publications connexes à l’appui des productions scientifiques. Voir aussi : Definitions of EFSA Scientific Outputs and Supporting Publications.

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Emission routes of PPPs from Greenhouses and Covered Crops

The Scientific Panel on Plant Protection Products and their Residues (PPR Panel) of EFSA was asked to make an inventory of protected crop systems (e.g. greenhouses and cultivations grown under cover) and emissions from these systems to relevant environmen ...

Exposure of organisms in soil

Based on consultation with Member States, EFSA asked the Panel to prepare a revision of the Guidance Document on the persistence of plant protection products in soil (SANCO/9188VI/1997 of 12 July 2000) as scientific knowledge in this field has evolved in ...

Opinion on genotoxicity testing strategies

The Scientific Committee reviewed the current state-of-the-science on genotoxicity testing and provided a commentary and recommendations on genotoxicity testing strategies. A step-wise approach is recommended for the generation and evaluation of data on g ...

Scientific Opinion
30 septembre 2011

Statistical significance & biological relevance

The Scientific Committee (SC) developed an opinion addressing the issue of statistical significance and biological relevance. The objective of the document is to help EFSA Scientific Panels and Committee in the assessment of biologically relevant effects. ...

Scientific Opinion
15 septembre 2011