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Food of plant origin with low water content

Food-borne diseases caused by food of non-animal origin (FoNAO) contaminated with pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites are a major health concern worldwide. The present study was set up as an extensive literature review aimed at evaluating biologica ...

External Scientific Report
02 avril 2013

User-friendly Salmonella in pigs model

A user-friendly interface has been developed for the QMRA model for Salmonella in pigs developed under grant agreement CFP/EFSA/BIOHAZ/2007/01. Hereto, a stand-alone executable of the code has been generated in which the farm and slaughtering phase have b ...

External Scientific Report
12 décembre 2012

Cattle TSE Monitoring Model (C-TSEMM)

The Cattle TSE Monitoring Model (C-TSEMM) has been developed to evaluate different Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) monitoring regimes in cattle by estimating the trend of the current BSE epidemic within European Member States (MSs). The mode ...

External Scientific Report
15 octobre 2012