Scientific Outputs

L’EFSA publie toutes ses productions scientifiques, y compris ses avis scientifiques, dans l’EFSA Journal. L’Autorité édite également un éventail de publications connexes à l’appui des productions scientifiques. See also Definitions of EFSA Scientific Outputs and Supporting Publications.

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    Effect on public health of a possible increase of the maximum level for ‘aflatoxin total’ from 4 to 10 μg/kg in peanuts and processed products thereof, intended for direct human consumption or use as an ingredient in foodstuffs

    Number of Pages:  32 aflatoxin, peanuts, occurrence, exposure, maximum level (ML), public health First published in the EFSA Journal:  8 February 2018 Adopted:  23 January 2018 Type:  Statement Abstract:  EFSA was asked to deliver a scientific opinion reg ...

    Setting of a maximum residue level for cyantraniliprole in leeks

    Number of Pages:  24 cyantraniliprole; leeks; pesticide; MRL; consumer risk assessment First published in the EFSA Journal:  22 January 2018 Adopted:  4 December 2017 Type:  Reasoned Opinion Abstract:  In accordance with Article 53 of Regulation (EC) 1107 ...

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