Technical meeting of environmental experts from the GMO Panel and from Member States on the risk assessment of maize MON810 for authorisation renewal

26 mai 2009

EFSA held a technical meeting with Member State experts to exchange views on the environmental risk assessment of GM maize MON810 in the context of the ongoing renewal application for cultivation. EFSA decided to call this meeting to address the scientific comments received in a letter signed by 18 Ministers from 12 Member States on the renewal application for MON810. Scientific experts from all Member States were invited to the meeting with environmental experts of EFSA’s GMO Panel. In total 18 experts from 13 Member States attended, plus observers from Norway and the European Commission.

After consulting the participating experts from Member States, a full report of this meeting will be published on EFSA’s website and the outcome will be taken into account by the GMO Panel in finalising its scientific opinion on the renewal application for maize MON 810.