IPA dedicated training on data collection (pesticides and VMDR)

13 octobre 2017

The aim of this training was to provide theoretical knowledge and hands on training to IPA experts on the methods and tools for pesticides and veterinary medicinal product residues (VMPR) data collection and reporting to EFSA.

Specific topics covered with the training were:

  • Outcome of two questionnaires on pesticides and VMPR, previously sent to IPA countries and future EFSA activities with IPA in the area of data collection;
  • Open discussion on the control activities and the intended reporting to EFSA starting from 2018: testing and deadlines;
  • Introduction to the SSD data model (SSD1 or SSD2) including structure, variables and catalogues;
  • Hands on training on pesticides and VMPR data coding reporting using basic tools and platforms developed by EFSA, including DCF, how to upload and understanding data validation errors;

Final round table discussion on reporting timelines and capacity building needs.