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EFSA experts aim to harmonise GMO data analysis

EFSA has published a new opinion aimed at harmonising how data from field trials carried out for the risk assessment of GM plants and derived food and feed are produced and analysed. The objective of the document is to contribute to greater transparency i ...

31 Julio 2009

Oak processionary moth may pose risk to plant health

EFSA’s Plant Health Panel (PLH) has evaluated a pest risk analysis provided by the UK for the oak processionary moth (Thaumetopoea processionea L.). In its scientific opinion the Panel agreed that the insect posed a potential risk to oak trees in southern ...

29 Junio 2009

EFSA evaluates antibiotic resistance marker genes in GM plants

An EFSA statement[1] has been published today that provides a consolidated overview of the use of antibiotic resistance marker genes (ARMG)[2] in GM plants, including a joint scientific opinion of the GMO and BIOHAZ Panels. The Panels concluded that, acco ...

11 Junio 2009

EFSA updates on its work on ARMGs

EFSA has asked its GMO and BIOHAZ Panels to further consider the issue of antibiotic resistance marker genes (ARMG)[1] in GM plants following the adoption of their joint scientific opinion. Two members of the BIOHAZ Panel expressed minority opinions conce ...

30 Abril 2009

EFSA evaluates citrus black spot

The European Food Safety Authority’s Plant Health (PLH) Panel has published a scientific opinion on Guignardia citricarpa Kiely, a fungus that causes citrus black spot (CBS) disease. The Panel concluded that climatic conditions would not be a barrier to G ...

20 Enero 2009

Safety of ice structuring proteins

EFSA’s NDA and GMO Panels have issued a joint opinion on the safety of ice structuring proteins (ISPs) for use in foods. ISPs are naturally produced by a variety of living organisms – including certain fish, plants and vegetables- to help them cope with v ...

08 Agosto 2008

EFSA gives advice on citrus pests in French overseas departments

The European Food Safety Authority Plant Health (PLH) Panel has today published scientific advice on citrus plant pests and concluded that some of the organisms examined could pose a risk to the French overseas departments of Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Ma ...

21 Mayo 2008

EFSA says pests could pose risk to French overseas banana growers

The EFSA Plant Health Panel has adopted 15 scientific opinions on banana plant pests. Following a request from the European Commission, EFSA evaluated risks posed by banana pests to the French overseas departments of Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique ...

31 Marzo 2008

EFSA Panel recommends further evaluation of ragweed

The EFSA Panel on Plant Health (PLH) has published a scientific opinion on Ambrosia spp, commonly known as ragweed. Two Member States (MS), Poland and Lithuania, asked the European Commission (EC) to have ragweed formally classified as a harmful organism, ...

03 Septiembre 2007