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Glycoalkaloids in potatoes: public health risks assessed

EFSA has assessed the risks to human and animal health related to the presence of glycoalkaloids in food and feed, particularly in potatoes and products derived from potatoes. Glycoalkaloids are naturally occurring compounds found in the Solanaceae family ...

11 Agosto 2020

Pesticides and bees: evidence on mortality rates reviewed

EFSA has completed a comprehensive analysis of the available scientific evidence on bee mortality, as part of its ongoing review of the guidance for assessing risks to bees from pesticides. The report published today is based on the largest systematic col ...

28 Julio 2020

Escuela de verano de Parma 2020, «Una Salud»: una experiencia virtual

La edición correspondiente a 2020 de la Escuela de Verano de Parma, organizada por la EFSA y por la Escuela de Estudios Avanzados sobre Alimentación y Nutrición de la Universidad de Parma, en colaboración con la Universidad Católica Sacro Cuore de Piacenz ...

13 Julio 2020