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Listeria en verduras congeladas: cómo disminuir los riesgos

La EFSA ha evaluado los riesgos para la salud pública derivados de la contaminación por Listeria de las verduras blanqueadas —escaldadas durante un breve periodo en agua caliente o vapor— antes de congelarlas. Concluye que los riesgos asociados al consumo ...

20 Abril 2020

Novel coronavirus – where to find information

EFSA is not currently involved in the response to the novel coronavirus outbreak in China since food has not been identified as a likely source or route of transmission of the virus. This is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation with ongoing outbreak in ...

03 Febrero 2020

African swine fever: disease spreading slowly in EU

EFSA has published its latest annual update on the presence of African swine fever (ASF) in the European Union. During the period covered by the report – November 2018 to October 2019 – Czechia became officially ASF-free. The disease was, however, confirm ...

30 Enero 2020

App developer console opens up our food safety data

A new “developer portal” using application programming interface (API) technology makes EFSA’s information more accessible to software developers, allowing them to design creative new apps and tools for use by the food safety assessment community or consu ...

01 Julio 2019