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Fitosanidad: las fichas de vigilancia de plagas se digitalizan

El primer lote de fichas de vigilancia fitosanitaria de plagas de vegetales de la EFSA está disponible ahora en un formato interactivo fácil de usar. La página web de la EFSA ha publicado como " story maps " diez de las veintiocho fichas ya exis ...

23 Abril 2020

Xylella fastidiosa: ‘Together we can find solutions’

“The whole EU territory is at risk from Xylella fastidiosa, and the more the scientific community works together on this issue, the quicker we’ll be to find solutions to tackle this pest.” That was how Claude Bragard, chair of EFSA’s Panel on Plant Health ...

30 Octubre 2019

Conference on Xylella fastidiosa: watch live!

The second scientific conference on Xylella fastidiosa begins in Corsica tomorrow (29 October), and you can follow it live on the EFSA website. Around 350 plant health specialists from around the world will spend two days discussing and debating the lates ...

28 Octubre 2019

Priority plant pests in the EU: 5 things you need to know

What are priority pests? The 20 pests on the list published by the European Commission in October 2019 are quarantine pests that have been identified as top priorities for EU Member States based on the severity of the economic, social and environmental pr ...

11 Octubre 2019