Literature review on adjuvanticity/immunogenicity assessment of proteins

12 May 2017 - 23:59
€ 90 000
Approx. launch date
May, 2017

Ref: NP/EFSA/GMO/2017/01

Objective: The objective of this call for tender is to outsource a comprehensive literature review, critically appraise on adjuvanticity/immunogenicity of proteins that will be used as background information for further discussion within the EFSA Panel dealing with genetically modified organisms (GMO). 

The tender shall perform a comprehensive literature review to identify and retrieve all available information on adjuvanticity/immunogenicity of proteins, including Cry proteins – state-of-the-art in science, risk assessment strategies available and future perspectives foreseen.  The information obtained shall be evaluated and critically appraised.

For the risk assessment of genetically modified plants and according to Implementing Regulation (EU) No 503/2013, “In cases when known functional aspects of the newly expressed protein or structural similarity to known strong adjuvants may indicate possible adjuvant activity, the applicant shall assess the possible role of these proteins as adjuvants”.

Adjuvants are substances that, when coadministered with an antigen increase the immune response to the antigen and therefore might increase the allergic response. Understanding the structure and mechanisms resulting in potential adjuvanticity/immunogenicity of (novel) proteins and the conditions (e.g. environment, exposure) upon which this potential will be expressed and/or (de)regulated is an area of great development and scientific debate. The information provided by this call for tender will be important for the EFSA GMO Panel to further discuss how to incorporate and streamline potential new strategies for the risk assessment of adjuvanticity/immunogenicity of (novel) proteins into the EFSA GMO Panel scientific opinions on applications.

Selection criteria - technical and professional capacity. The tenderer must have the following minimum professional capacity to perform the contract:

  • Ability to provide a team of experts compliant with these specific expertise requirements:
  • At least two experts in immunology, including experience and competence in cell immunology, (mainly adjuvanticity/immunogenicity of proteins), one of them being a senior research-scientist with at least 10 years of experience. The Project Leader (one of the two experts) should have experience in the coordination of international scientific projects in the field.
  • At least one information specialist with expertise in comprehensive literature searches, with at least two years of experience. The expert needs to be knowledgeable on the topic of the tender specifications.
  • The team of experts must have overall an excellent level of spoken and written standard UK English.
  • The tenderer must have access to at least the following two bibliographic databases for the contract execution: PubMed and Web of Science.
  • The tenderer must have access to the following software for the contract execution: EndNoteTM

If you are intrested in this procedure please send an email within the deadline to efsaprocurement [at] quoting the reference of the procedure and specifying the name and address of your organisation.

7 April 2017