Training: Basic concepts and methodology of Food Safety Risk Assessment


This training is organised under the EFSA Pre-Accession Programme 2015-2017, financed by the European Commission. The overall objective of this Programme is to promote the understanding of EFSA’s work, share expertise and create information exchange mechanisms between the food safety authorities of the EU Enlargement countries on one side, and EFSA and EU Member States on the other. Extensive contacts have been established between EFSA and the food safety authorities in the beneficiary countries since the beginning of cooperation back in 2006. In particular the Programme intends to support the risk assessment capacity building and to help the relevant institutions to understand the importance of risk communication.

The aim of the training was to offer an insight into the risk assessment methodology used by EFSA  and the Member States and to explain the differences between various risk assessment concepts (chemical, microbiological). Additional aim was to get participants familiar with the way EFSA and MS national authorities are structured in order to respond successfully to their food safety risk assessment tasks and to understand the importance and role of risk communication in the process of risk analysis.

This technical report provides a description of the training, results of the evaluation survey provided by the participants and the final conclusions and recommendations for future training on this and similar topics.

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First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
22 July 2016