Mapping from FoodEx2 to FoodEx1

food classification, mapping, FoodEx1, FoodEx2
First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
19 July 2016
28 June 2016
Technical Report


The mapping between FoodEx2 codes and FoodEx1 codes was carried out in order to convert to FoodEx1 occurrence and consumption data provided to EFSA using FoodEx2. This conversion is necessary during the transitional period between the two systems, when data are still analysed with Foodex1. The FoodEx2 codes considered in the mapping are mainly the reportable terms of the Exposure and Reporting hierarchies. A perfect matching between the two systems was possible for many FoodEx2 terms, but not for all. For the other terms, a series of rules for converting FoodEx2 codes to FoodEx1 codes were identified. When necessary, product treatment descriptors were added to the FoodEx1 matching code in order to keep as much as possible of the information included in the FoodEx2 codes. The resulting mapping was integrated in the field ‘foodexOldCode’ in the FoodEx2 database.

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