Workshop on the trial of the EFSA guidance document on uncertainty analysis in scientific assessments 22 - 23 June 2017 Parma, Italy


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As part of EFSA’s commitment to transparency, identifying and characterising uncertainties and explaining their implications for assessment conclusions are significant elements of EFSA’s scientific assessment process. This report describes the structure, contents and outcome of the internal EFSA workshop organised in Parma (22-23 June 2017) on the trial of the EFSA guidance document on uncertainty. A trial phase started in April 2016 for 1 year in which the uncertainty guidance document was tested with 13 case studies. The workshop brought together from each case study the EFSA scientific coordinator, working group external experts who worked on the case studies and DG SANTE risk managers involved. In total, 72 participants, both risk assessors and risk managers, attended the workshop. The workshop offered the opportunity to meet and exchange views and experiences on the testing phase of the uncertainty guidance document. Challenges and benefits encountered during the testing phase were presented and discussed. Further insights from the testing phase were collected to produce recommendations for finalising the EFSA guidance document on uncertainty by the end of 2017.

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8 December 2017