Strengthening regional cooperation in South East Europe and Middle East for prevention and control of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD)


Due to the important spread of lumpy skin disease throughout the Middle East and Europe, EFSA and DG SANTE (EC) organised a two-day workshop in May 2016 with scientists and participants from the countries affected and at risk of introduction from south-eastern Europe and Middle East. The aim of the workshop was to make an update of the latest knowledge on lumpy skin disease about epidemiology, diagnostics and control. The ultimate purpose of this initiative was to increase the awareness about the epidemiological situation and establishing synergies at regional level for the improvement of LSD surveillance, prevention and control. Lessons learnt about the control of the disease were shared among the participants and the key messages were formulated and agreed during the workshop. These are about the consolidated knowledge about the disease and the related knowledge gaps, the proposals for management and the needs and opportunities for the countries, both affected and at risk of introduction.

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First published in EFSA Supporting Publications
5 July 2016