Guilhem de Seze

Head of Department

Department/Unit: Scientific Evaluation of Regulated Products
Phone: +39 0521 036 778
Email address: Guilhem.DeSeze [at]


Guilhem de Seze joined EFSA on 1 September 2016 to head the department of Scientific Evaluation of Regulated Products. Guilhem comes from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki, which he had joined in its early years, in February 2008; there he occupied different positions, initially contributing to the development of ECHA’s work processes and IT systems. Since January 2011 he has been a Head Unit, first for Substance Identification and Data Sharing and then for Evaluation; both units are in charge of assessing scientific and technical information about chemical substances and their hazardous properties. Before joining ECHA, Guilhem worked in the field of hazardous chemicals management in academia and in the chemical industry for over ten years. Guilhem holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University, USA, specialising in Environmental exposure to pollutants.

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